About Us

"We aim to simplify the accounting & taxation process" 


Ohio Tax offers a full comprehensive accountancy, taxation, and advisory service. We maintain exceptional standards within our industry.

Good communication is key to our approach and ensures successful relationships with all our clients.

For this reason, we pledge to be readily available and therefore use various methods of technology to allow you to contact us when it suits you best.

We understand the traditional 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday working week, is a thing of the past and therefore are flexible for you to make contact at any time of the day, throughout the year.

Ohio Tax offer corporate services at a personal level. We meet new individuals as clients but maintain our business relationship as friends.

We strive to make our involvement a positive experience for everyone involved. Our team take pride in all their work and are confident to express that they are very good at what they do.

Our team have a genuine passion for the work they perform and enjoy what they do. This is displayed in their daily attitude and reflected by routine actions. We intend to put you at ease with the accountancy & taxation requirements that are set out in U.K government law. We aim to breakdown, simplify, and explain the complicated procedures to ensure that you are able recognise and understand all aspects of your financial responsibilities collectively.



We listen, discuss, and analyse your requirements. We will review what services you require and then set out an agreed plan to complete the work successfully on your behalf.


After preparation, we present the data and consult with you to ensure all avenues of potential are being maximised. With consent, we finalise all data and process completion.


Upon review and receipt of documentation, we then provide a bespoke service that is unique to you. Our team will analyse, prepare, and advise on all areas deemed necessary.


Once we have analysed, prepared, and completed your required financial reporting, it is then submitted to the relevant institutions and successfully filed on your behalf.


We are made up of highly skilled, vastly experienced professionals who are trained in specialised areas that are important for any business to succeed.

As a closely connected group with vast expertise, we are able to offer a corporate service on a personal level.

Our philosophy is to meet you as a client and then retain you as a friend. We strongly believe, successful business relationships are built on friendship values: - trust, honesty, respect, equality, and dependability.




Ohio Tax founder, who started his financial journey in the U.S.A. Upon relocating to the U.K, joined multiple institutions before gaining resources to set up his own. Holds experience and knowledge in all areas of accountancy and taxation.



A broad range of appointments incorporating public and private companies, as well as providing professional consultancy services. Over 40 years' experience in all aspects of individual and corporate financial matters.



Extensive experience with multinational companies. Past involvement in large scale restructuring projects. Has proven success with integrating processes and streamlining core procedures within varied business models.